5 Must Know Tips to Amp Up Your Rental Property Photos in 2018

Your potential tenants are checking out your website and property photos to make an informed decisions about the property they are looking to rent. One the best ways to improve your rental potential and rental portfolio is with by taking amazing photos of your rental property.

We’ve put together 5 Must Know Tips to help marketing your rental property. We highly recommend hiring a profession for this type of venture or have a direct staff who gets the vision

1. Lighting is Key

Before taking any pictures, always make sure the space is well-lit. For interiors, open nearby blinds/windows and take advantage of natural light.

2. Quality is key

Pay attention to the pixels. High resolution images can make a big differences, so make sure you pay close attention to the quality of each photo. If a new camera is not in the budget, some newer mobile camera models will fit the bill.

3. Stage it and Make it Look Good!

Staging is an art, and if done correct, it will give you potential tenants a realistic idea of how their new home could look.

4. It’s all in the details

Did the property have some renovations? If so, show case the upgrades and renovations to paint an amazing picture for your future tenant(s). Showcase new hardwood floors, granite counter tops and an updated kitchen.

5. Choose wisely when editing

If you are not the type that reviews their pictures while taking them, then, make sure to edit or enhance your pictures before you post. For property photos, we recommend that you stick to the basics of photo editing: Brightness and Contrast are two the most important aspects to editing an image. Note: Keep it close to what was suppose to be show or else you are giving the impression that it’s “Photoshop’d.”

Property managers are faced with a mountain of tasks and the last thing on their mind is photos. However, with technology, make the last important as your highest priority.